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Searching For Heady Topper In Vermont

This is another one for any beer lovers out there as we hunt for Heady Topper. Brewed by Alchemist, it is made in small batches and only available at the brewery, select retail stores and restaurants in Vermont. Supply definitely does not meet the demand and for that reason they frequently run out of stock.

There are stories of people following their delivery trucks so they could be first in line to make sure not to miss out. Given that the beer is shipped only on certain days of the week that seemed like the best option if you arrive on the same day but our first stop didn't quite match.

We were in Burlington and happened upon The Farmhouse Tap & Grill but their delivery day is Thursday and unfortunately they were out. This was a Wednesday and after checking the Alchemist website schedule finding that Prohibition Pig in Waterbury was on the list we were on our way.

Before even sitting down I yelled out to the hostess, do you have Heady Topper? And luck was on my side because …

Captain Frosty's in Dennis, Massachusetts

When we think of our favorite comfort foods there is mac and cheese, pizza, hamburgers, chowder, and meatloaf. Most of these we can make at home unless you're like us and prefer to have someone else make it for you. Anyway, there is one that is very difficult to prepare at home and that is fried seafood. You could buy one of those small fryers or set up a large commercial fryer in your kitchen but for most of us it is just better cooked by somebody else. With the smell of fried seafood permeating in our minds we took off on a recent warm day to Captain Frosty's on Cape Cod in Dennis, MA.

Munson's for the best fudge in New England

Many of you probably go to the Mystic, Connecticut area to visit a casino but we found another reason. A store that has some of the best fudge we have ever tasted. Located at Olde Mystic Village, Munson's Chocolates has several stores throughout the state and this is our favorite.

Wahlburgers in Hingham, Massachusetts

This week I was perplexed when my husband asked me to write about our latest road trip since this adventure was all his idea. So, instead delving too deeply into the reason why, I agreed to honor his request and then it all became perfectly clear.

Yarmouth Clam Festival July 21st to the 23rd

Mark you calendars for the Yarmouth Clam festival scheduled for July 21st through the 23rd in Yarmouth, Maine. This is one that we keep going back to year after year and is definitely worth a drive if you are looking for something to do that weekend.

David's in Kennebunkport, Maine

Fond memories come to mind when I think of the small seacoast town of Kennebunkport, Maine. Back in my college days, I spent a summer there working at the Colony Hotel and jogging by George Bush’s house down the road. It has been a long time since then but my wife and I go back frequently for the shopping, ocean, and of course the food.

MC Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, ME

Now that Memorial Day has past the summer driving season is in full swing and what could be better than a trip to the great state of Maine. But where should you go with so many beautiful and fun choices? We headed to one of our favorite haunts for the first time this year in Ogunquit, Maine to check out MC Perkins Cove.

A piece of cupcake heaven at Li's Bake Shop in Mystic, Connecticut

When you think of Mystic, Connecticut the movie Mystic Pizza probably comes to mind featuring Julia Roberts. We are not saying that you shouldn’t check out the actual Mystic Pizza restaurant but wanted to enlighten you to another tasty shop in this New England town. Just before you cross over the drawbridge leading to the downtown area is a small side street where we discovered a piece of cupcake heaven, Li's Bake Shop.

Seaglass Restaurant, Salisbury, Massachusetts

For my in-laws recent wedding anniversary my wife was trying to think of a restaurant that was not too far of a drive but something a little bit different for a special celebration. Since they love the ocean she remembered our enjoyable visit to the Seaglass Restaurant a few years ago. Remembering the beautiful views and delicious food this seemed like the ideal location.

Raw Bar, Mashpee, Massachusetts (Cape Cod)

My wife loves a good lobster roll and we have been known to travel far and wide in our search to find “the best” one. When she heard about how great they are at the Raw Bar in Mashpee we were on our way.

This was one of our best road trips in a long time. It had it all the necessary elements, getting lost, asking for help and having no idea if we were going in the right direction. In the end it was all worth it.