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Kill Devil's Frozen Custard and Beach Fries

When I told my wife that I liked frozen custard more than ice cream she almost fainted. Let me explain, my wife’s favorite dessert has always been ice cream and after we got married I jumped on the bandwagon. However, I discovered a fantastic frozen treat years ago in Vermont – Chesster’s frozen cookie sandwich – vanilla custard between two chocolate chip cookies. It was amazing and I thought much better than ice cream.

Sweet Melissa's Cafe, Sanibel Island, Florida

On one of our days in Florida we decided to take a road trip to Sanibel Island. My wife had talked about going there for vacation and I'm thinking. Hmmmm..... let's check this out, not knowing when we might have a chance to visit in the future. We could live here, she could go to the beach and I to Jet Blue Park and the Red Sox spring training in Fort Myers. Oh, to dream!

Visit Mexico in Newport, Rhode Island at Perro Salado

Because I’ve never been to Mexico, I imagine finding a restaurant housed in an old building and perhaps with an outside dining area where you’d sit among the trees while sipping on a margarita. I also envision the food would be top notch and that I’d realize long before the first bite that I was in store for something special. We have found such a place in Newport, Rhode Island at Perro Salado.

Robert's Maine Grill, Kittery, Maine

With the promise of more warmer weather,  it’s time to start road tripping again and this adventure takes us to the great state of Maine and Robert's Maine Grill in Kittery. While some people only associate seafood with the beach and summer time, Robert's is good year round. Located on Route 1 between several outlet malls, this is the perfect place to go after a shopping trip during the Christmas season or during the summer after a visit to nearby York Beach (a personal favorite of ours).