Captain Frosty's in Dennis, Massachusetts

When we think of our favorite comfort foods there is mac and cheese, pizza, hamburgers, chowder, and meatloaf. Most of these we can make at home unless you're like us and prefer to have someone else make it for you. Anyway, there is one that is very difficult to prepare at home and that is fried seafood. You could buy one of those small fryers or set up a large commercial fryer in your kitchen but for most of us it is just better cooked by somebody else. With the smell of fried seafood permeating in our minds we took off on a recent warm day to Captain Frosty's on Cape Cod in Dennis, MA.

In addition to having a unique name, Captain Frosty's serves up some really great fried seafood. We happened to stumble upon this clam shack on a trip to the Cape a few years ago. As we were driving around, we just happened to see the sign and decided to stop in for a bite. You can choose to take-out your food or to sit down inside the restaurant and there is also some outdoor seating as well.

So taking a road trip to Captain Frosty's, you will find all your New England favorites. On this trip, I opted for the fried clams and haddock, French fries, and cole slaw.

My wife chose a healthier option - grilled scallops and rice pilaf.

There is so much to do once you are on the Cape. The most popular activity is to go to the beach or take part in a water sport. However, some of our best road trips are to just take off and find a new town or coastal community that we’ve never been to before. Yes, it is possible that you won't find anything special on the way but always remember our motto is to have fun getting there.

Want to know how far it is from you to Captain Frosty's? Click on the map below for directions.


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