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Searching For Heady Topper In Vermont

This is another one for any beer lovers out there as we hunt for Heady Topper. Brewed by Alchemist, it is made in small batches and only available at the brewery, select retail stores and restaurants in Vermont. Supply definitely does not meet the demand and for that reason they frequently run out of stock. There are stories of people following their delivery trucks so they could be first in line to make sure not to miss out. Given that the beer is shipped only on certain days of the week that seemed like the best option if you arrive on the same day but our first stop didn't quite match. We were in Burlington and happened upon The Farmhouse Tap & Grill but their delivery day is Thursday and unfortunately they were out. This was a Wednesday and after checking the Alchemist website schedule finding that Prohibition Pig in Waterbury was on the list we were on our way. Before even sitting down I yelled out to the hostess, do you have Heady Topper? And luck was on my side bec