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Pagliuca's Italian Restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts

For our next drive we would like you to experience some great Italian food at Pagliuca's in Boston. Yes, there are many options in the North End but this is one of our favorites. We have been to Pagliuca's dozens of times over the past 10 years and have also checked out a bunch of other restaurants in the area. Joe, Freddie and staff all do a great job serving up mouth watering food.

Rein's Deli in Vernon, Connecticut

When my in-law's stumbled upon Rein's Deli many years ago, it was a food gift like no other. Visits have become a family tradition and I'm glad to be part of them now.

King Arthur Flour in Norwich, Vermont

Our next road trip brings us to the small town of Norwich, Vermont for a taste of the bakery life. You may recognize the name King Arthur Flour from your time in the kitchen baking delectable delights. I remember the name from when I was a child and my mother only bought this brand of flour for her baking needs. So when my wife told me that we should go visit their campus, I had my reservations. Were we going to watch how flour was made? Some fantastic road trip I initially thought. However, she has never steered me wrong so I agreed and away we went. If you’re like I was and think this is just about bags of flour you would be sadly mistaken.

The best cupcake store in New England

On a recent holiday shopping trip to Boston we decided to head over to one of our favorite haunts, Georgetown Cupcakes . We've tasted many cupcakes over the years and we feel that they are the best in New England. In fact, we think they are so good that we put them at the top of our list of the best . We first sampled Georgetown Cupcakes at their original location when we were in DC a few years ago. They are just as good now as they were then.