Munson's for the best fudge in New England

Many of you probably go to the Mystic, Connecticut area to visit a casino but we found another reason. A store that has some of the best fudge we have ever tasted. Located at Olde Mystic Village, Munson's Chocolates has several stores throughout the state and this is our favorite.

But you might be thinking, what is the big deal? It's just fudge. This stuff has a smooth, creamy texture and is not too sweet for a wonderful combination. Please take our word and try some on the road to the great state of Connecticut.

Salted Caramel was our pick from many delicious options.

And if you want something other than fudge there is a case full of chocolates to choose from.

How about a frozen banana dipped in chocolate?

Look for this sign and you have reached your destination.

While in Mystic we recommend heading over to Li's Bake Shop in town for a sampling of their amazing cupcakes. You will also find some suggestions on things to do nearby.

Please visit Munson's website for a list of all of their locations. Fudge and their other goodies can be ordered online if you just can't wait.

Want to know how far it is to Munson's and their scrumptious fudge. Click on the link below to find.



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