Raw Bar, Mashpee, Massachusetts (Cape Cod)

My wife loves a good lobster roll and we have been known to travel far and wide in our search to find “the best” one. When she heard about how great they are at the Raw Bar in Mashpee we were on our way.

This was one of our best road trips in a long time. It had it all the necessary elements, getting lost, asking for help and having no idea if we were going in the right direction. In the end it was all worth it.

Let me explain, the restaurant is not that easy to find once you get into Mashpee. We had our GPS on with the suggested location and our phone GPS as back up and thought this is going to be an easy one. About 10 minutes away from our destination, disaster struck. The GPS stopped working, no satellite and our phone GPS didn't work either. What are we going to do now? I'm your typically guy who doesn't like asking for directions so I took a left down a road that I thought was correct. As I got to the end it looked more like a residential community than a restaurant. My wife suggested that I turn around. So, we headed back to the road we came in on and went left. Another 10 minutes went by and still nothing that looked like Shore Road or the Raw Bar in site. My wife piped up again, "go ask someone for directions". There was nothing on this road except a fire station and I drove into the parking area asking for help. A nice fireman came out and told us to go back the way we came and look for the big sign and turn right. When you see the fork in the road bear right and keep going and you will hit the Raw Bar. We head out again and see the big sign, I tell my wife, "Hey, I was right all along as this was the same road we went down before" We continued on and to our left see a little shopping area but still no sign of the Raw Bar.

I'm thinking I hope this is it. I walk out and ask someone in one of the shops. Yes, the Raw Bar is here. Woo hoo we made it!

Start out with one of their delicious cocktails:

And some chowder:

Lobster Roll, look at all the meat!

Here are a few suggestions for things to do in the area.

Take a dip in the water at south cape beach.

Visit Mashpee Commons for some retail therapy.

Want to know how far it is from you to the Raw Bar? Click on the link address below if you dare. We hope your GPS works better than ours did.

{Editors Note:  The Raw Bar opens for the 2017 season on April 21st so please plan accordingly}


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