When I told my wife that I was starting a blog about New Hampshire Restaurants she thought I was crazy.  Now, believe it or not, I am starting a second blog called Time for a Road Trip.  Sorry sweetie - I guess the lunacy continues.

My wife and I enjoy our free time on the weekends and rarely stay home or near home.  Thus became the habit of taking road trips with and without destinations.  Often, we will jump in the car and just drive and go in whatever direction feels right. So, it shouldn't surprise you that these trips would involve food - whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner.

While we live in New Hampshire, many of these adventures have taken place all over New England and beyond.  Without sounding like complete whack jobs, we've been known to drive for hours to eat something as common as a burger, a Reuben sandwich or a lobster roll!!

The point of this blog is to clue you in to some great eats within a reasonable distance of home.    I will post as often as possible. I hope you enjoy the food and fun at our destinations and, if not, make sure you have a blast getting there and have a few chuckles along the way. I am going to try and let the food speak for itself and include pictures so there will be no doubts about how good the food will be. Also, I will let you know of things to do in the area so you can work off the food after enjoying the feast.

Happy reading!


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