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Seaglass Restaurant, Salisbury, Massachusetts

For my in-laws recent wedding anniversary my wife was trying to think of a restaurant that was not too far of a drive but something a little bit different for a special celebration. Since they love the ocean she remembered our enjoyable visit to the Seaglass Restaurant a few years ago. Remembering the beautiful views and delicious food this seemed like the ideal location.

Raw Bar, Mashpee, Massachusetts (Cape Cod)

My wife loves a good lobster roll and we have been known to travel far and wide in our search to find “the best” one. When she heard about how great they are at the Raw Bar in Mashpee we were on our way. This was one of our best road trips in a long time. It had it all the necessary elements, getting lost, asking for help and having no idea if we were going in the right direction. In the end it was all worth it.