Wright's Farm Restaurant. Harrisville, Rhode Island, Forget the turkey and go for chicken instead

Earlier this year, as we were driving through Rhode Island around dinner time, we were trying to think of a place to eat. All of a sudden, my wife piped up and asked if I wanted to go to Wright's Farm Restaurant near Smithfield? Since I had already driven by the exit, I did a sharp u turn as she described the meal.

What I found out later is that they only have two main items on their menu, their famous chicken and a steak. You're probably thinking, "what? nothing else." Yes, and believe me when I tell you that this is a place you want to check out. The chicken is fabulous and is served family style with rolls, salad, pasta with marinara sauce and fries. Bring your appetite because it is all you can eat and we would not be surprised if you get a second helping.

When the waitress asks, will that be two chicken dinners? You will quietly chuckle to yourself as that is just about the only thing you can get.

So we say if you are thinking about Thanksgiving forget the turkey and go for the chicken instead at Wright's Farm Restaurant.

You can see their sign below:

Here is the star of the meal:

You would think pasta would be too heavy but it works:

Now we're getting healthy with french fries:

And their yummy rolls:

They keep some beautiful grounds outside:

Here are a few suggestions for things to do in the area:

Head over to Providence and visit the Roger Williams Zoo and for shoppers there's the Providence Place Mall.


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