Sullivan's, Castle Island, South Boston, Massachusetts

The story of how we found Sullivan's and their delicious hot dogs goes back a long time. It began at a dive bar in Boston. We had befriended a townie who loved to tell colorful stories. He also loved food and he told us about a place in Southie called Sullivan's that had really good hot dogs. Since my wife and I love a good grilled hot dog the search began.

Needless to say we have been many times over the years and we have enjoyed their hot dogs and we are sure you will too. Sullivan's menu has more than just hot dogs - you will find fried seafood, burgers, chicken nuggets, lobster rolls and ice cream.

Look at these beauties, grilled not steamed the way we like them. The bun is grilled too, it doesn't get any better if you like a hot dog.

Some nice crunchy fries to go along.

So this is what we always get including our favorite soda, Diet Pepsi.

Here are a couple of things to do after stuffing yourself:

Take a walk around the island, there are benches or you can lay on a blanket with beautiful views of the harbor.

For history buffs, head over to Fort Independence for a free tour:


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